Tuesday, July 10, 2012

~Stampede Road Race 5K Race Report~

Sunday was my first race post- baby. It was also my sister's first race ever. We decided to do the Stampede Road 5K Race. Unfortunately they didn't hand out medals for the 5K but we did get a great technical shirt (which my sister wore)!

I was quite happy with my training going into the race. Running with Audrey in the Chariot really helped my runs without her! I was able to push myself because it felt so much easier without the extra weight.

The race started at 8am and it was going to be a hot day! It was a bit hard finding parking since the half marathon started at 7am so lots of people we already at the race site. We parked a few blocks away and hit the port-a-potties before lining up. That took what seemed like forever--- are there ever enough port-a-potties at the beginning of a race? There certainly wasn't at this race!

Sisters and daughters!

Running to the start

We didn't have much time to stand around and wait which was good. No time to get nervous! Suddenly it was time to go!!

And we are off!!

We drove the course the previous day so I knew what to expect. My sister wasn't too impressed with the big hill 1K in- she lives in a flat area so did zero hill training! It wasn't bad though. She told me to set the pace and she would follow. She ran with music so we didn't talk at all. I was breathing pretty hard anyway so there is no way I would have been able to hold a conversation.

It was awesome to see Leigh a couple times at the beginning of the course! I told her I was wearing a purple shirt without realizing that the race shirt was also purple so a lot of people were wearing purple! Luckily she was easy to spot so I yelled out to her! Thanks for coming and cheering me on Leigh!

Taken by Leigh


I felt really good up until 3.5K. Then the side stitch set in. I also found that the shoulder that I was carrying my water bottle on was bothering me. I really didn't need to bring it since I drank out of it 0 times while racing!! It's a comfort thing and it has been drilled into me by my instructor Penny to always carry water. 

We did slow down a bit in the last km because of my side stitch. I know my sister was itching to go faster but we had agreed before the race to stick with one another whether one of us had to walk or slow down. She thought she would be the slower one but it was me that held us back in the last bit of the race. I'm so glad she was there to push me on because I surely would have walked!

We finished up on a track which was kinda neat. I don't know if I have ever run on an outdoor track before... 

We picked it up the last 100m and sprinted to the finish. I thought for sure I was going to lose my breakfast!! We finished in 31:44 (chip time) so 55 seconds faster than my goal time and a PR!! I was sooooo happy especially because I thought we weren't going to make it with my side stitch. I had been watching our pace during the race but not the time so while I had an idea of how we were doing I didn't know for sure how close we were to 32 minutes. 

Almost there!
I didn't know the people in blue were on our heels!

Stopping the watch...

Sheer relief!!

I look like I'm going to vomit...
My sister looks happy!

It was such a great experience to share with my sister! She now has the racing bug and wants to know when our next race is! 

Racing sisters!!

Part of our cheering team!!

Audrey's first time on grass!

#1 Cheerleader!

Auntie and Grandma playing with Audrey


From looking at the pictures hubby took (he took a bunch in burst mode) I can tell my form is really off which is probably why my shoulder was bothering me. I am twisting in the shoulders. I think this is the wake up call to strengthen my core before I start having more pain. 


  1. Congrats on first race post A and a PR!! Nice. Hot day for it too!!

  2. Congratulations! What a great race and I know from experience that running with a sister is the best!

  3. Huge congrats! A PR? You rock!
    I love the race shirt!

  4. Congratulations again on a great first race back into running! So, what's your next race?

  5. Congrats on your shiny new PR and welcome back to racing! Congrats to the sister on her first race too!

  6. Congrats - that's awesome, 1st race post-baby too! I was at the same 5k race too but a lot slower. WTG!!

  7. that is awesome you and your sister ran a race together! get her hooked on running races they are so fun

  8. Congratulations! Yay for a PR! I remember reading somewhere that a lot of women actually run better after pregnancy and childbirth. :)

  9. Great race! Congrats! My shoulders and upper back were really sore after having the kids because of all the extra leaning over and nursing etc. Takes awhile before they strengthen back up again. And isn't it great racing with your sister?


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